Geno Smith won’t magically fix glaring issues of Jets

While the New York Jets are hoping quarterback Geno Smith can provide a much-needed spark on offense, he won’t magically fix all the other glaring issues across the team.

The offense of the New York Jets is one of the most inefficient units in the NFL. They can’t convert third downs, are one-dimensional, and have made so many turnovers, they’ve become a laughingstock across the NFL.

Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has been abysmal so far this season to the point where he was just demoted in favor of quarterback Geno Smith. That’s right, a man they paid $12M for to start this season has been benched for a quarterback that has his final opportunity to prove his worth.

Even if Smith comes in and performs well against the Baltimore Ravens, one man can’t fix the plethora of issues across the team. The Jets have no consistent pass rush, their rushing attack is severely lacking, and even their defense has underperformed.

It’s evident that from coaching all the way to depth, this will more than likely end up being a losing season for the Jets. Everything isn’t coming together as envisioned and the Jets aren’t playing with any aggression or accountability to deliver.

The Jets’ offensive line is now showing its age and inconsistency. They’re not able to create the necessary gaps to establish the run or even offer decent pass protection.

Injuries have also hit the Jets as now Smith has to do his best without wide receiver Eric Decker in the mix. Decker brought such a great dimension on offense that it’s clear without him in the starting lineup, the Jets’ offense just isn’t the same.

If Smith goes back to his usual turnover-prone ways, this season could go from its current meltdown straight to disaster faster than a New York minute.

Hopefully, Smith learned a whole lot from being out of the spotlight last season and can now focus on putting on quite the audition for either a future contract with the Jets or elsewhere.

Overall, this team is not going to magically turn into a contender because they changed quarterbacks. The Jets got exposed for what they really are when facing a tough slate of opponents to open up the season. It looks like they even regressed as a franchise compared to what the football world saw last season. Just because Smith is back under center as a starter won’t change the fact that this team is going nowhere fast.

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