‘Game of Thrones’ author thanks Belichick for ‘lovely Christmas present’

Bill Belichick was apparently in the giving mood, and George R.R. Martin approved.
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Bill Belichick doesn’t always appear to be in the jolliest mood when he’s on the field or at the podium for a press conference. But don’t be mistaken: he’s a generous, giving man. Just ask "Game of Thrones" author George R.R. Martin.

Martin, a diehard New York Jets fan, was given a "lovely Christmas present" from Belichick on Sunday. What was the gift? Put simply, a Jets win.

Martin outlined in his blog just how happy he was that Belichick kicked off in overtime, giving his Jets the ball first and ultimately handing them the much-needed victory.

Here’s what Martin wrote, via his blog:

I could feel the victory slipping away as we went to overtime, and the stake was poised above my heart… they tossed the coin, and the Pats won, and the darkness was closing in around me as it has so many times before…

Only then the Pats chose to kick off. Instead of receiving, and putting the hands of Tom Brady, the most dangerous mutha in football, Evil Little Bill decided that Fitz and the Jets should have it. Hee hee. Hoo ha. Oh, sweet. Thanks, Bill. What a lovely Christmas present.

This post from Martin is much different than one he wrote earlier in the season following losses by the Jets and New York Giants in Week 10. In that, he said "Life is miserable and full of pain." Life is clearly much different now that his Jets are in position to clinch a playoff berth. His Giants haven’t had as much success, but having one team in the postseason will be better than none.

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