Frank Cignetti is putting his own stamp on the offense

Frank Cignetti is in his first-year as St. Louis Rams offensive coordinator.

Michael Thomas/AP

St. Louis Rams offensive coordinator Frank Cignetti is starting to retool the offense the way he likes it. This is Cignetti’s first year on the job, but his fourth-year under head coach Jeff Fisher with the Rams. He previously served as the quarterbacks coach the previous three seasons.

Cignetti feels very comfortable in his new role and has stated he is not making drastic changes to the offense, but he is putting his own touch on it and looking for ways to improve an offense that struggled immensely last season.

“It’s like this: Coach Schottenheimer put a tremendous foundation in place here," Cignetti said, via "It’s like buying a house. The foundation is there. You guys buy a house, what do you do? Let’s remodel a couple rooms. Really, that’s what we’ve done. The foundation of the system hasn’t changed. All we’ve done is put our personal touches in different areas and frankly, if Coach Schottenheimer was here, that’s what you do as a staff every year. You look at it and you continually look for ways to improve.”

Cignetti has been a coordinator at the college level before, but never in the NFL. He’s taking his opportunity in stride and enjoying every minute of it. 

“Well, I love it," Cignetti said. "I always have. I love just leading the group. I love trying to put people in a position to be successful. I love the schematics of the game, the organization of being a coordinator. The ability to come out here and try to motivate the group. It’s just something I’ve always enjoyed doing."

Fisher went into a little more detail into the changes Cignetti is making to the offense this season. He is trying to simplify things and put his guys in the best possible position to succeed. 

"It’s all coming," Fisher said. "I think the players will tell you that. We shortened the play calls from a terminology standpoint. We have some flexibility to do some things, I think, that match up better with our personnel. We’re just going to continue to work with it."

(h/t ESPN)