Foxborough CC supports Brady with No.12 flags at every hole

The Foxborough Country Club, near the Patriots' Gilette Stadium, found an unique way to support #12 Tom Brady.
Golf Digest

By Rachel Wold

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady saw his appeal heard by the NFL on Tuesday—a hearing that lasted over 11 hours. Brady supporters came out in droves, surrounding the league’s New York City headquarters in large numbers.

In addition to Brady’s support in the Big Apple, the Foxborough Country Club also showed its loyalty to the golden quarterback by displaying No. 12 flags at each of the course’s 18 holes.

This statement was released from the club’s general manager Matt Killilea (via ABC6 News):

“We feel that this is a miscarriage of justice, way too much penalty for not enough crime, and we wanted to show our support for our hometown team.”

One patron on site at the golf course had this to say about Brady’s suspension:

“I think Roger Goodell is being harsh because he’s making up for past incidents when he was not harsh enough.”

Killilia also said that Brady is welcome to play golf at the Foxborough Country Club anytime.

In the meantime, Brady and his massive community of supporters will have to wait on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s ruling as to whether the four-game suspension will be upheld, reduced or removed altogether.

If Brady’s suspension sticks, perhaps he will be spotted at the country club to keep himself occupied come early September.

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