Fox tackles questions from season ticket holders

Broncos coach John Fox spoke with candor and clarity on all

things except his quarterback situation in a conference call with

season ticket holders.

Fielding a stream of questions on an array of topics Monday, Fox

was asked more than once about his plans for Tim Tebow & Co.,

with the new coach divulging little more insight than, ”I feel

good about our depth at quarterback.”

The teleconference with around 6,500 ticket holders was all part

of the Broncos’ plan to engage its fan base after a franchise-worst

4-12 season that led to the firing of Josh McDaniels.

John Elway, the Broncos’ chief of football operations, and

general manager Brian Xanders participated in an earlier call,

while commissioner Roger Goodell is scheduled to chat soon.

And while many of the season ticket holders on the call also

cared about Fox’s impressions of the draft, his thoughts on donning

orange jerseys more often in the future and the team’s plans for

aging veteran Brian Dawkins, the status of Tebow remained a hot


The former Heisman Trophy winner out of Florida is in the

running for the starting job along with Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn.

The Broncos list Orton atop the depth chart but say nothing is


One caller phrased his question something like this: Orton was

limited, while Tebow brought more spice – agree?

”I think they’re all capable,” Fox said. ”No matter what the

position, we try to create competition and may the best man win. As

far as even fighting for starting jobs, guys are going to have to

compete and do it consistently. That’s the guy that’s going to get

the ball on Sunday.

”I have great respect for all of them. I see the excitement and

enthusiasm in Tim. … I think we have a competitive situation at


Another fan asked if he’d ever consider trading Tebow.

”You’re always looking to improve your football team. But that

hasn’t been a remote possibility at this point,” Fox said.

The season ticket holders hardly gave Fox a free pass, grilling

him with all sorts of intriguing questions. He was asked about the

ragged state of the defensive line and the Broncos not selecting a

run-stuffer in the draft.

Instead, the team used the picks on three linebackers, two

safeties, two tight ends, and offensive lineman and a defensive


Fox told the listeners the team planned to address defensive

line needs, along with possibly picking up another running back, in

free agency once the NFL labor situation is ironed out.

Other topics Fox was quizzed about included:

-The status of receiver Demaryius Thomas, who tore his Achilles’

tendon in an offseason workout.

”He’s right on target,” Fox said. ”We do need to get him on

the field, hopefully sooner than later.”

-The fans feeling the need to bolt for the exits when the

Broncos were down in the fourth quarter because there was no way

they were going to rally.

”First and foremost, we’re going to try to not get behind in

fourth quarter,” Fox cracked.

-The timeline for the team to round back into contending


”I get asked that quite a bit. How many games are you going to

win? How fast until you get better?” Fox said. ”It’s a process,

don’t like to predict it. We’re trying to acquire the best talent

we can. I think you’ll see improvement.”

-The drafting of two tight ends.

”It’s a quarterback’s best friend. Talk to John Elway, I’m sure

he’ll tell you Shannon Sharpe helped him a lot,” he said.

-The team opting to take linebacker Von Miller with the No. 2

pick, bypassing cornerback Patrick Peterson, along with defensive

tackle Marcell Dareus.

”I tried to get them to give us Marcell and Von and they didn’t

go for that,” Fox said, laughing.

And then more quarterback questions, just worded in different


Near the end of the hour-long call, Fox was again queried about

where the quarterback situation stood and if it was wide open.

”As I’ve mentioned before, these guys are all new to me,” Fox

said. ”I know them from afar. I think as I get to know them and

watch them practice, watch them compete, that’s when you start

ranking them one through three.

”At the end of the day, we’ll decide one-two-three by the

performance on the field.”