Former Vikings offensive lineman finding his fit in the WWE

After his attempt at an NFL career did not work out, Babatunde Aiyegbusi is trying to develop into the next great WWE Superstar.

When the Minnesota Vikings signed the 6-foot-8, 351 pound behemoth of a man in Babatunde Aiyegbusi back in March of 2015, the hope was that he would be able to develop into the NFL’s next great offensive lineman.

However, he was a bit more raw than the team had realized and the Vikings parted ways with Aiyegbusi before the start of the 2015 regular season. But based on the play of Minnesota’s offensive lineman this year, the Vikings may be kicking themselves for not sticking it out to

develop the giant from Poland.

After his dream of playing in the NFL did not work out the way he had hoped, Aiyegbusi has moved on to a form of entertainment that could take full advantage of his giant frame. Back in April, the WWE announced the signing of 10 new developmental talents, including Aiyegbusi.

Some recent photos have turned up on Twitter and show the former lineman in some wrestling attire that may reveal what kind of character he will portray in his future WWE career.

Based on the photos, it seems as though Aiyegbusi’s wrestling gimmick has him playing a

character resembling some sort of tribal, military enforcer. It is also clear from the second photo, that the former lineman stands out like a sore thumb among the majority of the other wrestlers in the ring.

Aiyegbusi definitely has the look of a ferocious giant, now it is up to the WWE to fine tune his wrestling skills and turn him into the company’s next great villain.

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