Former Rams RB Tre Mason arrested in Florida

Former Rams RB Tre Mason has been arrested on charges for fleeing an officer on an ATV in July.

Former Los Angeles Rams running back Tre Mason was arrested in Florida after he led a chase following an officer trying to stop him for driving an ATV carelessly back in July. As part of the chase, he drove to his mother’s home where he then locked himself inside.The warrant for his arrest was issued in December, and he has been charged for driving an ATV on public roads and fleeing officers.

Mason has been on a downhill slope since failing to report to Rams camp in 2016 after exhibiting “unusual behavior,” as his mother claimed. She claimed he had a “10 year-olds mindset” that perhaps was a result of head trauma from playing football. She even connected her son to CTE, which has claimed the lives of many former NFL players. Mason is a former third-round pick of the Rams who was expected to team up with Todd Gurley in the Rams’ backfield in 2016. This was before Mason’s downward spiral after the end of the 2015 season.

Mason’s mother’s statements are troubling for a young player like himself, and hopefully he will get the help he needs. Her statements aren’t outrageous, especially given the short lifetime of running backs in the NFL and their seemingly accelerated decline. What’s still nightmarish is the fact that Mason is only 23. He shouldn’t be experiencing effects of CTE this early, if at all.

While Mason was formally charged, according to the AP report he is free on $5,000 bail at this time.

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