Ex-Cowboy Haley accused of assault

Dallas Cowboys legend and recent Ring of Honor inductee Charles Haley has been accused of assault after allegedly slapping a woman on the butt with his hand.

Police are investigating what happened between the former NFL player and a woman who claims he made unwelcome physical advances toward her while at Cowboys Stadium.

The woman, who is a stadium employee, said she was asked to assist Haley while he was at the stadium attending the Thanksgiving Day game.

The woman said during the encounter Haley made inappropriate comments to her about her body and then slapped her on her behind with his hand.

According to a police report there was a witness, another stadium employee, who corroborated the woman’s story.

Police said they contacted Haley about the incident on Tuesday and issued him a citation for simple assault by provocative contact. He now has a number of days to respond to the citation.

Haley is a five-time Super Bowl champion with both the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers.