Former Miami Dolphins CB Sam Madison donates kidney

The Miami Dolphins have always had a voice from former cornerback Sam Madison. A staple around the facility and the teams functions since his NFL retirement, fans are often surprised to learn just how giving of his time Madison can be.

A month ago however it wasn’t his time that Sam Madison was giving. It was a part of his body. There is no fear greater than having your child come into harms way. While there are some things that parents can do to protect their children, it’s the stuff that you can’t protect them from that often brings the most stress.

CBS Miami revealed today that a month ago, Sam Madison donated his kidney to his 11 year old daughter Kennedy. The article points out that Kennedy began to suffer lower body swelling after a gymnastics class and it was discovered that her kidneys were shutting down.

“Can you do the transplant last week? That’s how it was, I found out and they were like, ‘we are going to do it the next week’ and I was like ‘ok, cool, perfect,’” Sam said.

The story is so much more than a father giving his daughter a better chance at life. It’s a positive story that among today’s news wire items brings a smile. But don’t let me tell you more about it, read it here yourself.

I don’t pretend to call Sam a friend but I have met and spoken with him on several occasions and he was a frequent guest on my previous radio show. Sam Madison is unwavering in his support of the Dolphins and their fanbase and will take the time to connect with those fans at every opportunity. Hearing of this “gift” makes me smile because while it’s Sam’s daughter who received it, there is little doubt that Madison would have done the same for almost anyone else as well.

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