Larry Johnson reportedly strip-club DJ

When Larry Johnson was a durable, grind-it-out running back for the Kansas City Chiefs, racking up consecutive 1,700-yard rushing seasons in 2005 and 2006, he used to go to work with guys named Tony Gonzalez, Eddie Kennison and Trent Green.

These days, he reportedly has a hobby where there’s still grinding involved, but the co-workers are more likely to have names like Destinee, LaLa and Alexandra.

According to TMZ, Johnson has been sitting in as a guest DJ at Tootsie’s Cabaret, a Miami strip club supposedly quite popular with the pro athlete crowd.

TMZ reports that the club patrons enjoy Johnson’s DJ turns.

“We’re told Johnson isn’t the main DJ — but every now and then, he’ll take over the booth for a quick guest set … and the crowd loves it.”

How do they know the crowd enjoys Johnson’s efforts? Maybe they take a pole. (Pause for uproarious laughter.)

By the way, one of the formulas for devising a stripper name is to take the name of your pet and combine it with the street where you live. Now up on the main stage, gentlemen, give it up for Desdemona Chase!

Wonder what kind of music Johnson would play for our stripper with such a classy name?