Flowers: I lost my cool and acted bizarrely with the media

In the following hours since New York Giants Ereck Flowers directed his frustration at one ESPN reporter last Sunday, the Giants offensive lineman apology.

In what seemed to be a player losing his cool and having a bizarre exchange in the locker room, Flowers took full responsibility.

Unlike in Seinfeld, this situation has not blown out of proportion into the aggrieved reporter demanding a “verbatim” “I-am-sorry” apology.

After the Giants released a public statement regarding Flowers, there are reportedly “no hard feelings” between Flowers and the reporter who accepted the locker room treatment.

Doubts linger as to how McAdoo will prepare for next Sunday’s contest against Baltimore (3-2). The Giants are 2-3 with an offense that has been made a mockery of due to an absent offensive leader.

Historically, the Giants fall into a familiar trap of losing whenever they lose close games consecutively. In the 2014 and 2015 season, Big Blue were 6-10. This is most commonly due to the detrimental impact on the morale of the team and the natural reaction of fans in New Jersey and the tri-state area to vent on WFAN to their heart’s content.

The words of caution amidst desperation are powerful as expressed by head coach Ben McAdoo.

“It’s important for us all to have a professional relationship with the media, players and coaches.”

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