Florida State Seminoles: Dalvin Cook having a monstrous first half

After a disappointing start to the season, Florida State running back Dalvin Cook is having a breakout game against South Florida…

Where in the world was Florida State running back Dalvin Cook? Wherever he was, he’s been located in South Florida this Saturday afternoon…

Florida State is taking USF to the woodshed, similar to the way Louisville did FSU last week, and Dalvin Cook is leading the charge. He is approaching 200 yards rushing in the first half — you didn’t read that wrong — and has two touchdowns including one of 75 yards.

Cook has also added two catches for 38 yards, so basically every time he touches the ball, he’s averaging around 20 yards per play. On 11 touches, he has 223 total yards.

He had 228 rushing yards going into this game.

Even looking at Cook’s performance without the 75 yard touchdown run, he’s got 110 yards rushing on eight carries. That’s phenomenal production, including a second touchdown.

Florida State desperately needs Cook to provide them with the type of spark offensively that can help a young quarterback along this season. This is perhaps more than they even thought they’d get from Cook at his best, but the Heisman candidate was probably sick of hearing people talk about how bad his start to this season has been.

The game against Louisville had to be a wakeup call for all involved. It was one of the worst performances for Cook in his time at FSU since becoming the full-time starter, but the offensive line looks like they’re on another level this game as well.

Hopefully this is a sign of things to come for Cook, and not just an outlier against a hapless South Florida team that is getting a really ticked off Florida State group.

At any rate, Dalvin Cook is dominating, and college football fans are delighted to see it.

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