Fixing Blake Bortles Is Jacksonville’s Version of Saving Private Ryan

Blake Bortles is the Jacksonville Jaguars’ starting quarterback for the time being. The best way to spend the offseason is by fixing his mechanics.

Some people say that Blake Bortles is the reason why Doug Marrone is the new Jacksonville Jaguars head coach.  Bortles had a tough season in 2016 and even flew in his personal quarterback coach for help.  Bortles needs to spend the offseason fixing his mechanics.

Marrone must believe in Bortles’ potential or have someone in mind to hire to fix him.  Maybe Bortles is not the gunslinger but rather a game manager like Alex Smith of Kansas City.  What if the source of Bortles struggles is the Jaguars offensive scheme?

The Jaguars receivers dropped twenty two passes which contributed to Bortles poor passing numbers.  Marqise Lee had his breakout season but several other receivers battled injuries all season.  The running game was a non-factor due to injuries and blocking scheme.

Three Things To Consider In Fixing Blake Bortles.

First of all, Bortles told Business Insider on July 28,2016:

“It’s really half and half between bad decisions and then just accuracy of the throw,” Bortles said of improving his turnover tendency. “So, I think obviously, physically, continuing to throw and improve accuracy is part of it. And then just the decision-making, which I think will only get better going into my second year in the same offensive system. It’s something that I hope and expect that those numbers will decrease and we’re able to be more efficient and not turn the ball over.”

Since the season has come and gone, those two problems still exist.  Will improved mechanics help his decision making?  If Bortles improves his mechanics during the offseason, that will help in fixing his inaccuracy problem.

Second, Marrone needs to find the offensive scheme that fits Bortles’ skill set.  Bortles looks extremely good in a quick tempo offense.  The more time Bortles has to think, the more bad things happen.  It is better when he runs upfield when rushed instead of trying to extend the pass play.

Third, winning football games will go a long way in fixing Blake Bortles.  All through the history of the NFL, there have been quarterbacks in need of fixing bad habits.  What would today’s quarterback guru’s do to fix Johnny Unitas’ footwork or Billy Kilmer’s wounded duck passes?

Just like Tom Hanks’ mission was to save Private Ryan, Doug Marrone’s mission is to fix Blake Bortles.  Private Ryan was saved and hopefully Blake Bortles is fixed.

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