Fitzmagic pulls a disappearing act in Kansas City

Last week with the New York Jets, after receiving Offensive Player of the Week for his performance in Buffalo, Fitzmagic pulled a disappearing act.

In a span of a week, quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick went from Fitztragic to Fitzmagic to Fitzflop. In Week 3 action against the Kansas City Chiefs, Fitzmagic pulled a disappearing act, much to the jeers of Jets Nation.

The performance by Fitzpatrick against the Chiefs was the worst by any Jets’ quarterback in the history of the franchise. At first glance, if you didn’t watch the game you would have thought the 24-3 final score was a mistake.

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The Jets statistically matched up in almost every category until you scroll down to turnovers. Gang Green had eight in total and easily lost this game because it was so out of hand, even fans in attendance were utterly shocked.

If you did watch the game then you were subject to some all-time bad football. After going down 17-0 at the half, the Jets’ defense came out ready to roll and shut down Kansas City.

The Chiefs didn’t score another point until a pick-six by Fitzpatrick with 4:10 left in the game put the final dagger in any chance of a comeback.

Fitzpatrick threw five consecutive interceptions to end the game.

The game was very winnable for the Jets. in fact the Chiefs played how the Jets should play

As a matter of fact, the Chiefs played how the Jets should play. Creating turnovers, run the football and make consistent throws.

The defense held the chiefs to 2.7 yards per carry and didn’t get beat by the big play.

But Chiefs’ quarterback Alex Smith played virtually perfect football taking what the Jets gave them. He was consistently hitting wide receivers with simple slants over the middle of the field, letting receivers pick up easy yards after the catch.

Fitzpatrick, unfortunately, countered Smith’s play with crushing red zone interceptions. Six in total and one returned for a touchdown which was truly horrific to see.

You could say the Jets lost this game, but everyone who watched knows Fitzpatrick lost this one for them. The fans are already grumbling heading into Week 4, so another consecutive Fitzflop and Jets Nation could be ready to explode asking for his demotion.

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