Manager: Favre called Sterger last year

A spokesman for the woman who allegedly received lewd photos and inappropriate text messages from Brett Favre two years ago says the quarterback tried to contact the former New York Jets game hostess in 2009.

Phil Reese, Jenn Sterger’s manager, tells The Associated Press that Favre called Sterger last June. Reese declined comment when asked if there were multiple calls, but said Sterger did not answer the phone.

The New York Post first reported the June 2009 call, citing an unidentified source.

The revelation came as the woman at the center of the scandal, Jenn Sterger, considered talking to the NFL about these and other salacious details of the gridiron star’s wooing.

The superstar quarterback’s alleged phone calls and texts to Sterger in August 2008 are already being investigated by the NFL, but a source said that 10 months later — in June 2009 — Favre again called Sterger, after both left the team.

"The same number that was used to send the messages in 2008 is the same one used to call Jenn in 2009, when Favre was in New York to film (the HBO show) ‘Joe Buck Live,’" the source said.

A lawyer for 26-year-old Sterger was also talking to the NFL about a possible interview about Favre’s alleged sexual harassment.

So far, the published voice message and photos have not been publicly confirmed as coming from Favre — a married, 41-year-old grandfather now playing for the Minnesota Vikings.

A source also said Sterger might reveal previously undisclosed conduct by Favre. "If she was to go in, that (conduct by Favre) would be corroborated, and there would probably be a bit more," the source said.

A report in the St. Paul Pioneer Press, however, said Sterger would decline to talk to football officials if she reached a financial settlement with Favre.

Favre met Tuesday with NFL security chief Milt Ahlerich. On Wednesday, Ahlerich spoke with the editor of, the sports-gossip website that originally published the story.

Reese said "she is strongly considering" speaking with the NFL, whose reps talked as recently as Friday with her new lawyer Joseph Conway.

Associated Press contributed to this report.