Fantasy football loser forced to get Miley Cyrus-inspired tattoo

A group of 10 friends from Omaha compete in a fantasy football league that makes money leagues seem soft.

Why? It’s named the "Tattoo League" and the player who finishes in last place has to get a tattoo designed by the first-place winner. And you thought losing a few bucks was shameful enough.

As you can imagine, this practice leads to some embarrassing results.

Here are some of the players on Jay Leno’s "Tonight Show" letting the audience see the tattoos they were forced to get after losing seasons:

This year’s winner designed the perfect pop culture tattoo that would make any loser more miserable than they could have been. Fantasy expert Matthew Berry’s face on Miley Cyrus’ body swinging on a wrecking ball made in the image of Jay Leno’s face. Sounds disturbing?

Check it out for yourself: