Fantasy Football 2017: Early Expectations for Terrelle Pryor

Early fantasy football expectations for wide receiver Terrelle Pryor, now on the Washington Redskins, are very good.

Last year in a lost season with the Cleveland Browns, the only bright spot on the entire team was the hustle and work ethic of wide receiver Terrelle Pryor. After starting his NFL career as a quarterback early in his career, he seemed to finally be completing his transition to wide receiver. He wasn’t exactly blowing up the fantasy football scene last season, but his outlook now on his new team is very good.

In an article written by Mike Clay of ESPN, Pryor has bolted the Browns via free agency and is now a member of the Washington Redskins. It’s unclear whether or not the Redskins will ultimately keep or trade quarterback Kirk Cousins, but if everything stays in place, this is a great situation for Pryor in 2017.

Pryor is a utility kind of player in that he can successfully receive, run, and heck, even throw the football to produce a plethora of fantasy points. It’s hard to tell at this point in time how the Redskins plan to use him, but Pryor will easily have a much better situation now than he’s ever had before.

The best part about the Redskins acquiring him is that his best football is ahead of him. Pryor will only be 28 years old at the start of the regular season and ready to prove he can be a legitimate offensive threat no matter what he’s asked to do.

Expect to see Pryor’s abilities mainly be used as a red-zone threat. Pryor has a knack for making big plays and putting his team in a position to score. These aren’t the Browns anymore, as it’s easy to see Pryor actually posting his best season yet since he’ll have better talent around him and, of course, an up-and-coming quarterback that plays very good football.

Fantasy owners should look at Pryor as one of the top FLEX options for the 2017 season and, if he plays above expectations, could very well bump up to a WR2 option if everything falls into place. Either way, this is Pryor’s time to shine with a team that is a playoff contender rather than one destined for a No. 1 pick.

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