FanSided Fandom 250: Atlanta Falcons fans completely shut out

FanSided released their Fandom 250 Rankings today and sadly, the Atlanta Falcons did not make the list.

We need your help Falcons fans.

The Buffalo Bills (84), Cleveland Browns (173), and New York Jets (175) all made the list but no Atlanta Falcons. Falcons Nation is most certainly better than all the above. We will strive for the No. 1 overall ranking the next time around, with a little help from our fellow Falcons faithful.

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Joining us on our social media accounts will also help get the Atlanta Falcons to top of the Fandom 250 rankings. Hundreds of fans routinely join us on our Facebook page during the week to moan, gripe, and vent about the team we love. Blogging Dirty’s Twitter account also has over 2,500 followers and gains popularity by the day. We have an excellent inner circle but need more to join in.

Nominees of the Fandom 250 were announced via press release on November 1st. FanSided describes the Fandom 250 as: “The ultimate ranking of fandoms — from sports to entertainment, celebrities to brands.”

The Dallas Cowboys (5) ranked the highest among NFL-related activities. Also within the top 50 are the Green Bay Packers (21), Pittsburgh Steelers (23), and New England Patriots (30). It’s worth noting, no NFC South team made it into the Fandom 250. That fact certainly has to change.

Of course we don’t need any FanSided rankings to tell us the Atlanta Falcons fans are truly No. 1 but lets be honest, the bragging rights are nice to have.

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