Fandom 250: Washington Redskins Ranked Unfathomably Low At No. 215

The Washington Redskins were fortunate enough to be ranked in the Fandom 250 by FanSided, but they were the lowest ranked NFL team that qualified. This disrespect of the team is unwarranted and the team should be higher on the list.

The Fandom 250 rankings were released this afternoon, and we here at Riggo’s Rag are somewhat upset. Though the Redskins were one of 15 NFL teams to make the list comprised of the best brands in sports, music, style, and other forms of entertainment, we feel that the team was ranked too low. They checked in at a final spot of 215, ranking last amongst the NFL teams that made the final cut. The Redskins fans deserve better, as they are some of the best in the business.

When the Redskins were nominated for a spot on the list, I thought that the team had a case to crack the top 100. After all, the Redskins fans are some of the most loyal in the business. In the original nomination post, I said the following about the dedication of the fans:

The Washington fans have always been passionate about their team, and the Redskins have been the most loved team in the city for years.

Furthermore, the Redskins have always had great attendance numbers, thanks to the fans. Over the last five years, the Redskins have consistently ranked in the top six in terms of total attendance numbers. They always seem to draw people in thanks to their rich history and the love of the burgundy and gold.

Even when the team was not consistently performing, the fans stuck by the team’s side. The fans have been crucial to the success of the team, and it seems like we were slighted in this case. To be fair, this was acknowledged by the post, but it still did not justify the ranking.

In the early 1980s, Redskins fans showed support for their Super Bowl-winning offensive line, dubbed The Hogs, by wearing pig noses and dresses to games. Then there was the 1992 NFC playoff game against the Falcons. At the end of that game, with their team leading, Washington’s fans started throwing seat cushions handed out prior to the game onto the field. Those are just two examples of the proud fan culture the Redskins have developed over the years.

Comparatively, the other NFC East teams fared better than the Redskins. As much as we hate to admit it, the Dallas Cowboys checked in at the No. 5 spot, the highest ranking of any NFL team. The Redskins’ arch rival always has had an edge in public perception considering that they are “America’s Team,” but they currently have more bandwagon fans than ever given the success of their team. Admittedly, they deserve a spot high on the list, but by our estimation the Redskins fans are just as good.

The other NFC East team, the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles, checked in at 180 and 149 respectively. The Giants were the second lowest ranked NFL team, but I have to say that I am surprised that they beat out the Redskins. Same with the Eagles. The two have solid fan bases, but the Redskins fans have showed much more dedication to the franchise long term.

I firmly believe that the Skins deserve to be ahead of these two and maybe even some more teams (cough, cough, Cleveland Browns) but at the end of the day, it is not up to me. Perhaps all of us Redskins fans can band together to prove that we love the team! If you love the Redskins, comment on this post below, share it on social media, and let your fellow fans know of the injustice done to the team. And of course, HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!

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