Fandom 250: Is There More Love For The Orioles Than The Ravens?

FanSided just released an epic countdown of the top 250 fan bases in sports and entertainment. The Baltimore Orioles ranked 191st on the list. The Baltimore Ravens didn’t even make the cut. Is there really more love for the O’s?

I am a proud Baltimore boy. I put Old Bay on practically everything and I shout “O” during the national anthem no matter where I am. Maryland is the greatest state of the greatest country in the world; you can call it an opinion, I’ll call it fact. I bleed purple. I root for the O’s and Terps.

I am also a proud FanSider. I love that every team’s fan base is given a voice from one of their own. It’s something we take a lot of pride in, giving Ravens fans a place that is uniquely theirs. With that in mind, I am excited about Fandom 250. It’s a super cool way to appreciate the fans of sports and entertainment, something that isn’t done enough.

I wasn’t surprised that the Ravens didn’t make the list of top fan bases. We seldom get that kind of love from the national audience. The Ravens Flock is as passionate as any fan base in the world but we are a smaller, tight knit, fan base. We don’t have the massive following of the Dallas Cowboys (who ranked fifth on the list) or even our arch rival the Pittsburgh Steelers (who ranked 23rd on the list). Size of the fan base is something that obviously has to be accounted for.

I was surprised that the Orioles fan base ranked while the Ravens didn’t. There is a ton of love for Baltimore’s baseball team but this is a football city. When the Ravens won their second Super Bowl, the parade took over the city. It was bananas.

A Marylander’s Perspective:

I have lived in Westminster my entire life. It was the former home of the Ravens training camp and is right in the heart of Ravens country. The Orioles have been bad most of my life. That isn’t an insult, it’s just a fact. When Buck Showalter came to Baltimore the Orioles came back into relevance. The Ravens still generate more conversation, more energy and more passion.

The purple and black have only been around since 1996 but they have been competitive almost every season. The Ravens have seen two Super Bowls, three trips to the AFC Title Game and 10 postseason appearances. Every year, everyone gets excited about the Ravens. Purple Friday’s are a big deal and Sundays mean everything.

The Orioles have a much richer history than the Ravens. The Orioles also have more of a national following because of this history. Baltimore just seems more passionate about the Ravens. If the Orioles made the list, the Ravens should be on the list too.

By the way, the Washington Redskins are ranked 215 on this list. I would just like to point out that the Redskins fans seem to vanish when the team is bad. When the team is good, they are more present, however they still aren’t as prevalent as Ravens fans. You would think such a large fan base, one that ranks higher than the Ravens, would make more of an appearance in Ravens territory.

The Bottom Line:

I get why the Ravens are not on the list. I am just saying that there is at least an equal amount of passion for the Ravens than the Orioles. For a large part of my life, the Orioles generated more misery than excitement. It’s great to see them rocking Camden Yards again, but the Ravens faithful are more passionate than most fan bases. The Ravens deserve some love and so do their fans.

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