Falcons GM Dimitroff honored by writers

Atlanta Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff has won the

Jack Horrigan Award from the Professional Football Writers of

America for cooperation with the media.

Dimitroff is cited for being accommodating to the media, both

locally and nationally.

Says PFWA vice president D. Orlando Ledbetter, who covers the

Falcons for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, ”He made himself

available to local and national members before the Julio Jones

trade was announced to explain the team’s rationale. Once the

lockout was over, he provided access through the frenzied start of

training camp and the free agency period to our members. This

accessibility continued throughout the season and into the


The award is named for Horrigan, a sportswriter for UPI and the

Buffalo Evening News, public relations director for the American

Football League (1963-66) and vice president of public relations

for the Buffalo Bills (1966-73).