Ezekiel Elliott Broke Clay Matthews’ Ankles With Wicked Spin Move (Video)

Ezekiel Elliott made Clay Matthews look silly when he put the Green Bay Packers linebacker through the blender with a spin move.

Despite the worries about facing a good run defense in the playoffs, Dallas Cowboys rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott was ready to play the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. Though you could argue he needed to be fed more often, he was moving forward every time that he touched the pigskin. However, he may not have been more impressive than when he took on star linebacker Clay Matthews 1-on-1.

Matthews has long been a stud on the Packers defense, capable of affecting games both in the pass rush and with his tackling ability in the running game. However, the Ohio State product almost didn’t even let him get a finger near the tackle thanks to the move he put on Green Bay’s star.

Elliott took on Matthews head on in the middle of the field and the linebacker seemed primed for a sure tackle. Instead, the rookie took a jab step and then let loose a filthy spin move that froze Matthews. He couldn’t do anything but ask for ice for his broken ankles as Zeke cut out to the left for a solid gain on the ground:

Sometimes even a great player can beat by a great move. That’s exactly what Elliott brought to life with this spin.

Elliott has wowed with his motor, production, and consistency all season in Dallas. However, there are moments where he still truly makes your jaw drop. Sometimes it’s with his burst, sometimes with a long run. You can add “when he makes Clay Matthews look foolish with a spin move” to the growing list of impressive things that Elliott can do.

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