Exclusive Interview: Get To Know Crockett Gillmore

Baltimore Ravens tight end Crockett Gillmore answers questions about his experiences on the team and in the NFL.

If you have not seen Crockett Gillmore play, you might want to start taking notice. At 6’6 and 260 pounds, the tight end completely towers over opposing defenders. He’s the man with arguably the coolest first name in the NFL and I feel bad for any NFL football that he spikes after scoring a touchdown. The guy is a monster.

He is entering his 3rd season with the Baltimore Ravens after being drafted in the 3rd round of the 2014 NFL Draft. The Colorado State product had a breakout season in 2015, catching for 4 touchdowns and over 400 yards. Last season was unfortunately cut short because of a back injury, which placed him on injured reserve. Gillmore has missed 2 games this season, but will hopefully be back for Sunday’s game against the Dallas Cowboys.

When Gillmore is on the field, he is a complete mismatch against linebackers. For such a big guy, he has the quickness to create space and get open with ease. And you certainly cannot teach his height. How could you not want to throw to a 6’6 tight end? His frame is built perfectly for the smash mouth football played in the AFC North.

I had the awesome opportunity to get a hold of Crockett and ask him some questions about his experiences so far in the NFL.

Question 1

You are now in your 3rd year with the Ravens. What would you say are the biggest lessons that you have learned since coming into the NFL?

The biggest lessons I’ve learned. You’re never satisfied you never “got it” because this machine of the NFL doesn’t stop and if you “got it” it’s too late the next guy just moved past you.

Question 2

The team is now riding a 2 game win streak coming into a big game against Dallas this Sunday. How has the atmosphere been around the facility and locker room?

Big big big wins back to back divisional opponents in 5 days. That was really tremendous to see. Obviously that’s over.  Now we turn our focus to Dallas.

Question 3

After the Steelers loss on Sunday, the team now sits in sole possession of the AFC North. How does it feel to be in this position at this point in the season?
We don’t really concern ourselves with those guys. The only time we think about Pittsburgh is when we play them.

Question 4

What has been your most memorable moment as a Raven?

My most memorable moment as a Raven was scoring in Pittsburgh twice my rookie year. Especially the TD in the playoffs

Question 5

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate Joe’s attempt at the mannequin challenge on Thursday against the Browns? And could you do better? 

I’m biased because Joe’s my QB so he always gets the benefit of doubt from me. I’d give him a 8 and I could not do better because I won’t be seen doing the mannequin challenge.

Question 6

I saw Steve Smith Sr. do his Ray Lewis dance on Thursday night. Will we ever see you do the Ray Lewis dance for your game introduction?

I’m not sure about the Lewis dance. I think it’s respectful when a hall of fame player like Steve Smith Sr pays tribute to Ray. However I think it’s annoying when an average person does the dance. I don’t think I am the caliber of player to give proper tribute to ray. But maybe one day!

A key player to watch

Gillmore is a player to continue to look out for. His size and skill make him one of the Raven’s top receiving targets when he is on the field. Whether it is opening up holes for running backs or making a crucial 2nd or 3rd down catch, Gillmore has shown he is a versatile player. He will be essential to Joe Flacco and the Raven’s offense during their playoff push towards the end of the season.

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