Ex-Packers WR Greg Jennings weighs in on what’s wrong with Aaron Rodgers

As Aaron Rodgers’ play has gone from inconsistent to downright lackluster over the past year, everyone seems to have an opinion on what’s wrong with the Green Bay Packers’ two-time MVP quarterback.

Few of the folks weighing in, however, know as much about what makes Rodgers tick as former Packers receiver Greg Jennings, who caught passes from Rodgers from 2006-12. When Jennings left Green Bay, he criticized Rodgers’ play and leadership on several occasions, but few people were listening when Rodgers was racking up unprecedented quarterback ratings.

These days — with Rodgers coming off another poor performance against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday — it was a different story when Jennings offered his assessment of Rodgers on Monday’s “Undisputed,” with Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe.

Sharpe said Rodgers doesn’t seem to take his share of the blame when things go wrong in Green Bay, and Jennings agreed:

“When we were playing together, when I was on that Green Bay team, we felt like that as the receiving corps — when I say receiving corps, I mean all involved who catch the ball.

“It wasn’t solely him. The media spinned it to where everything was always great with his play, but there was always something wrong with the receiving end of the play if there was an issue. So I think it almost has handicapped him to where he’s never really had to self-assess. He’s never really had to self-reflect. Why? Because everyone has always projected (the blame) somewhere else. But now the focus is on him. They will not win if he does not play better.”

Watch the video above for more on Rodgers from Bayless, Sharpe and Jennings.