Ex-Brown needs concussion money to repay charities he stole from

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Reggie Rucker during the Browns' 30-24 overtime victory over the Miami Dolphins on November 18, 1979 at Cleveland Municipal Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Dennis Collins/Getty Images)
Dennis Collins/WP

CLEVELAND — A former Cleveland Browns wide receiver who pleaded guilty to stealing over $100,000 from his charities to finance gambling debts and personal expenses promises to pay it back once he gets his part of a settlement with the National Football League.

Cleveland.com reports a court filing by Reggie Rucker's attorneys says he's awaiting an estimated $190,000 from the $1 billion settlement after a lawsuit accused the NFL of ignoring dangers of concussions. Some players covered by the settlement objected, so it could be delayed.

The federal prosecutor's spokesman wouldn't comment on Rucker's filing ahead of his sentencing next Wednesday.

Rucker's attorneys have said he endured repeated hits to his head and that such a history could explain why he stole from his nonviolence nonprofits.