ESPN shows Miami Dolphins no respect on latest Playoff power rank

The Miami Dolphins probably don’t need bulletin board material for this weeks playoff game at Pittsburgh. If they do, it should be very easy to find.

The Steelers are not going to sleep on the Dolphins, they did that and got drummed 30-15 in week six. Pittsburgh is healthy and it’s very unlikely that they are looking towards the Chiefs. If they are, then shame on them.

It seems no matter where you listen or look, the Dolphins are getting no love in the media. Case in point, ESPN who talked about the AFC chase to the Super Bowl. It wasn’t bad enough that ESPN gave the Dolphins a 1% chance of making it that far but they are 1% behind the Texans and 2% behind the Raiders.

What’s more appalling is this image.

If you are still wondering what exactly the other point of contention is, well ESPN couldn’t bother to put the Dolphins logo on the screen. Showing exactly what they think of the Dolphins and their chances. It’s not a big deal though, ESPN has never really been known for being “Phin-friendly”.

The fact that the Patriots are heavy favorites is nothing new. This year they own home field advantage and in the division round will face a team with a back-up quarterback or a limping Ryan Tannehill.

Still, again, this is an opportunity for the Dolphins to throw up something on the wall and let it stir in their stomachs. No one has given Miami a shot all year why start now. I suppose it’s o.k. though. I changed my Direct TV package in September and thus elminated ESPN from my programming. Yeah, I think that much of them too.

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