Eric Dickerson Set to Meet With Rams on Thursday Night

The Los Angeles Rams and legendary running back Eric Dickerson will have a meeting on Thursday night to discuss the recent events between he and head coach Jeff Fisher.

Perhaps we’re seeing the first steps to reconciliation as the Los Angeles Rams and Eric Dickerson will reportedly meet on Thursday night.

Dickerson has demanded an apology from head coach Jeff Fisher and COO Kevin Demoff after the former Rams running back claimed he was banned from the team’s sideline for his critiques of the team.

Fisher has denied he banned Dickerson and says he simply refused to fulfill Dickerson’s request for extra sideline passes because of his blunt – but true – opinions about the team.

Here’s what Dickerson said about his desire for an apology in a radio interview with AM-570 in Los Angeles:

“I want an apology from Jeff Fisher and most definitely Kevin Demoff. An open apology. You know what…be a man, Kevin Demoff, and call me. Kevin said he called and reached out to me.  He said he reached out to me and tweeted at me.  I’m going to tell you the whole scenario. Yes, he tweeted me when I was on the show. Sent me a tweet.  Called me while I was on the air.  Called me when I was on the show. I didn’t have a chance to call him back.”

“I want them to apologize for making me look like I was lying, like I was making this up.  Like it was a miscommunication.  It wasn’t no miscommunication.  I didn’t mishear anything. I’m not hard of hearing. They said it, I heard it.”

According to Fred Roggin of NBC L.A., Dickerson will meet with the Rams tonight to discuss the situation:

Rams Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson wants the organization to apologize for the way they’ve portrayed his conversation with Coach Jeff Fisher. Dickerson tells Fred Roggin he’ll meet with the Rams Thursday night.

Who knows what will come of it, but it’s clear Dickerson is accepting no less than an apology. Furthermore, Dickerson has said he won’t return to games even if there is an apology as long as Fisher is the head coach.

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