Eric Dickerson says he won’t attend Rams games until Jeff Fisher is no longer coach

Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Former Rams running back Eric Dickerson says he will not attend another Rams game until Jeff Fisher is no longer the coach of the team, Dickerson told ESPN on Monday.

Dickerson said that Fisher had told him to stay away from the team during games because some of his public criticism of the organization had made players uncomfortable. Fisher later said publicly that he was unsure what Dickerson was talking about, but Dickerson had already made up his mind to stop attending games.

“I won't be at the Coliseum as long as Fisher is coaching,” Dickerson said. “I'm a man of my word, and if I tell you something, I'm going to do it.”

Dickerson said Fisher also tried to backtrack on his request during their phone conversation, but Dickerson didn't accept his change of heart.

“You don't ever have to worry about me coming to football games ever again,” Dickerson said he told Fisher. “I like coming to games basically because of the fans—not because of the football games.”

According to Dickerson, Fisher said, “Players feel uncomfortable with you coming on the sidelines, some of the stuff you said about the team, about coaches and the players. And as long as I'm head coach, we're not going to have that. You're not going to be saying stuff. You're not going to be coming to the sidelines as long as I'm head coach here.”

Dickerson has been vocal in his criticism of the 4–7 Rams' offense this season, calling it boring and saying quarterbacks coach Chris Weinke doesn't deserve to coach No. 1 pick Jared Goff.

Dickerson, 56, played for the Rams in the 80s and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1999.

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