Entire Jets’ coaching staff to blame for terrible start

The terrible start by the New York Jets this season falls onto the shoulders of the entire coaching staff in the grand scheme of things.

Head coach Todd Bowles of the New York Jets is learning the hard way that his staff is just as important as him.  After a 10-6 season in 2015, the fans believed things would turn around.  However, as they are entrenched in the franchise’s 60th losing streak of at least three games, all you hear is “Same old Jets.”

Maybe the Jets need to give Bowles another chance after the season because his staff has been so bad.  Think about this for a moment.  During the week, the team spends more time with position coaches and coordinators than the head coach.  So, it would make sense that the staff actually has more influence on the team than the head coach.

Bowles has made some bad in-game decisions that only the head coach can make.  For instance, not going for it on fourth down against Pittsburgh was one.

Let’s not forget, though, he’s still learning, and in year two.  So, let’s cut him some slack.  Let’s not get too impatient (hard to do in New York).

Again, think about this for a moment.  The Jets most successful runs were in 1968 and 1998.

Both coaching staffs had excellent assistants.  In 1968, the defense was basically run by Buddy Ryan, and in 1998 the offense was run by Charlie Weis, and the defense was run by Bill Belichick.

This general manager/head coach combination needs at least one more offseason together to determine if it’ll work.

It could be that Bowles doesn’t fit with this team, or it could simply be his assistants.  We will never know if the Jets have a quick hook.

If they had a losing season last year, it would be a completely different story.  Bowles deserves at least one more full season to fix this mess.

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