Elvis Dumervil: If I break the sack record, Ravens will be in Super Bowl

Ravens linebacker Elvis Dumervil thinks breaking the NFL sack record will get him to his first Super Bowl.

Mitch Stringer/Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Ravens pass rusher Elvis Dumervil has lofty hopes for the 2015 season. He keeps a note with the number 23 written on it inside his locker as a constant reminder of the sack total he is seeking.

Dumervil would break Michael Strahan’s single-season sack record if he gets to 23 sacks, and he’s confident a ring will follow if he can etch his name in the record books. 

"If I can hit that number, that’ll mean we’ll be in the Super Bowl for sure," Dumervil told The Baltimore Sun during minicamp last month. "You try to win games, you try to win championships. To me, there’s nothing more important, because you can have the stats and accolades, but if you’re sitting home, it really doesn’t do any justice."

Dumervil established a career high with 17 sacks last season, breaking Peter Boulware’s previous franchise mark of 15. Dumervil also just needs 10 sacks to reach 100 for his career, joining a list of 31 players. 

While Dumervil enjoys personal success, winning a Super Bowl is what consumes him. 

"You’ve got to take advantage of every moment," Dumervil said. "You never know when the next time [will be]. So, I do consider it sacred. That’s why every offseason you train as hard as you can, go into minicamps and training camp and you just try to be your best you. And then, hopefully, that can help the team get to where we all want to get to."

Sacks don’t necessarily equate to team success, but a fierce Ravens pass rush would go a long way in getting them to Super Bowl 50 next February.

h/t: The Baltimore Sun