Eli Manning, Giants Have Weirdest Audible Calls (Video)

Eli Manning and the New York Giants may have gotten a little too out there with their verbal audible signals.

One of the Manning brothers is back and he’s doing weird things when it comes to his audibles. No, Peyton hasn’t come back to the NFL to reclaim his star as The Sherriff. The quarterback in question is none other than New York Giants signal-caller Eli Manning. On Sunday in Week 9 against the Philadelphia Eagles, Eli and the Giants were doing some weird thing.

Not that you can much weirder than Peyton incessantly yelling “Oma-ha!” while at the line for the Denver Broncos last season, but Eli and the Giants might have accomplished just out of shear randomness when it comes to what they’re saying on audible calls at the line-of-scrimmage.

For instance, here’s Eli yelling “Balboa” at the line, made better by the fact that one of his teammates didn’t hear him. That prompted a classic “Bal-what?” response for all of the laughs:

With this call, you can at least make mild sense of it. They are playing the Philadelphia Eagles, which happens to be the city where Rocky Balboa the character was from. Fair enough.

However, they took it to whole other level of strangeness with another audible. (NSFW Warning for just a bit of mild language):

What does this even mean? No, I’m not asking what play it means Eli wants to do this or that. instead, I’m legitimately curious about how ridiculous this audible call is. It’s beyond reason to me as to why you’d ever make that something you have to yell repetitively that phrase.

The Giants may have come out and established a lead, but we can’t confirm how much of that was a direct result of these audibles. It’s either got everything to do with them or nothing at all—with no in-between.

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