Eli Apple’s mom responds after anonymous NFL scout disses her son

We’re in the final stretch before the NFL Draft, which means we’ve reached that critical mass moment where it seems like there’s nothing left to talk about when it comes to potential prospects.

Unless of course, you’re an anonymous scout discussing former Ohio State cornerback Eli Apple with the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

He gave a bizarre response, which included this excerpt:

Hmm, interesting.

Obviously part of a scout’s job is to have opinion on prospects, and if he really thinks that Apple might struggle away from the field, that’s a valid concern. At the same time, citing an inability to cook seems like just about the strangest way possible to express that.

Especially when you consider this: Apple actually can cook! Or at least, he can learn pretty easily, according to his mom.

She went on Twitter and shot down the "analysis" from the anonymous scout.

First off, shout out to Apple’s mom for not just standing up for her son, but more importantly putting the facts out there about his upbringing.  

Even Eli Apple agrees.