Early Super Bowl 52 Odds Have Los Angeles Rams Listed at 75/1

After only winning four games during the 2016 season, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see the Los Angeles Rams being a long shot to win Super Bowl 52 next February.

The Los Angeles Rams turned out to be one of the most disappointing teams from the 2016 season after finishing with a 4-12 record, which is sad since the team was 3-1 to start off the year. One of the main reasons behind the struggles of the Rams last season was due to a poor offense that ranked at the bottom of the NFL by only averaging 14 points per game.

So when the odds for Super Bowl 52 were released shortly after this year’s dramatic finish between the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons, it really shouldn’t be a surprise to see Los Angeles as a long shot to hoist the Lombardi Trophy next February in Minnesota. At 75/1 odds, find themselves at the bottom of the list with other teams that struggled last year, such as the New York Jets and Chicago Bears.

With all due respect to the Rams, this team still appears to be another good year or two away from becoming serious contenders again in the NFC, but at least they seem to be taking the necessary steps in the right direction. Not only did the team make the right move by parting ways with Jeff Fisher towards the end of last season, but there’s plenty of excitement surrounding the potential Sean McVay brings to the table with the offense after seeing how successful he was with the Washington Redskins.

After figuring out a way to get the best out of Kirk Cousins, the Rams hope to see McVay do the same with Jared Goff, as the former No. 1 pick hopes to be more successful in his sophomore year after failing to win a single game in seven starts as a rookie.

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