Eagles eager to start two-a-days in July

Michael Vick has something to prove. So does Andy Reid.

These Philadelphia Eagles aren’t the talk of the NFL the way

they were last summer. After failing miserably to live up to

enormous expectations and their own ”Dream Team” label, the

Eagles know they have to earn respect.

The team completed its three-day minicamp Thursday and anxiously

awaits the start of training camp next month.

Momentum from that four-game winning streak to close out last

season at 8-8 seems to have carried over into all the offseason

workouts. Players and coaches are all optimistic they’ve got the

right group to make a Super Bowl run.

Time will tell.

”I love the energy and mindset right now,” Reid said. ”For

nine weeks, these guys have been coming in here and grinding it. I

want that to carry over to training camp. This is going to be a

tough training camp for them. I’ve talked to the team about that.

It’s going to be a demanding training camp, and from now until we

get up there, they need to keep themselves in the shape that

they’re in right now.”

Reid enters his 14th season as head coach. He’s led the Eagles

to nine playoff appearances, six division titles, five NFC

championship games and one Super Bowl. But he’s under the

microscope more than ever. Two days after last season ended, owner

Jeffrey Lurie admitted he gave serious thought to firing Reid

before explaining in detail his reasons for retaining him.

That means Reid has to win now or else. The pressure doesn’t

appear to bother him. He was in a friendlier mood this week,

smiling more often and even joking around with reporters.

”I always have fun. I don’t always show you that I’m having

fun, but I’m having fun,” Reid said. ”I love every day that I

have a chance to do this, even this right here (with the media).

I’m enjoying the personality of this team right now and I like how

they’ve approached things. We have a ton to work on.”

Some insiders say the departure of Joe Banner, who stepped down

as president last week, has contributed significantly to Reid’s

pleasant demeanor. Though Lurie insisted that Banner, his longtime

close friend, chose to leave to pursue other opportunities,

speculation about a power struggle with Reid persisted.

Regardless, Reid and the Eagles have to win now, especially

after the 4-8 start last year.

”I think we’ve been so close to having a lot of success,” wide

receiver DeSean Jackson said. ”I think it’s at our fingertips now.

We just want to all be able to start early, not even just right

now, but before when we came here in April and May, training down

to June. You don’t win Super Bowls in February, you win them in the

offseason and that’s something we’re realizing and that we


”So, we’re all just putting in the work.”

Vick is coming off a subpar year after going to the Pro Bowl in

2010. The dynamic quarterback ranked 70th in the NFL Network’s Top

100 players list, and he noticed.

”I’m going to prove myself and get myself back in the top 20

next year,” he said. ”Obviously, I pay attention to it, but I’m a

competitor. I feel like I’m one of the best at what I do. It’s

somebody else’s opinion, and I have to prove them wrong and make

them say otherwise.”

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