Eagles at Bears: 3 things we learned

What did we learn from the Philadelphia Eagles Week 2 Monday Night Football victory over the Chicago Bears?

It was far from the most exciting game of Week 2, but the Philadelphia Eagles went on the road and took care of business on Monday Night Football against the Chicago Bears.

The Eagles put pressure on Bears quarterback Jay Cutler all night, while Carson Wentz led their offense to a strong second half.

On paper, this seemed to be a relatively even matchup. However, the Eagles proved to be the far superior team in this one.

They only led by a score of 9-7 at halftime, but had a dominant second half on their way to victory. The 2-0 Eagles may be a team on the rise, while the 0-2 Bears are sent reeling into Week 3.

1. Carson Wentz is for real

Wentz’s stat line was not the most impressive, but he certainly passes the eye test. For the second straight week, Wentz showed incredible poise and consistency for a rookie quarterback. He is undoubtedly a franchise quarterback in the making for the Eagles.

Wentz simply made the smart play over and over Monday night. While the Bears’ defense is not the most talented on paper, they presented a tough challenge for Wentz.

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Bears defensive coordinator Vic Fangio is one of the best defensive coaches in the game. He brought out all stops to confuse Wentz, and the rookie quarterback simply picked them apart.

Make no mistake about it, the Philadelphia Eagles have found their franchise quarterback.

2. The Chicago Bears are a bad football team

The Bears simply did not do anything right on Monday night. They have some talent on both sides of the ball, but it is not coming together well right now.

Injuries are piling up like crazy, the offense cannot move the ball with any sort of consistency and the defense is constantly being picked apart. This just looks like a team that is going nowhere fast.

Honestly, I would be surprised if they are able to turn it around enough to save their season at this point. Their secondary is awful, and the offensive line is worse. Jay Cutler looks as unreliable as ever, and their rushing attack is non-existent.

It is going to be a long season in the Windy City, as the Bears may be bad enough to be in the top overall draft pick talk, especially with Cutler injured now.

3. Eagles are set to be surprise contenders

At 2-0, the Eagles are clearly early contenders in the NFC. Entering this season, they were not supposed to be among the contending teams in the NFC East, but things have obviously changed.

Wentz looks incredible, their defense is flying around making plays all over the place and they simply know how to win games. The NFC East is not exactly loaded with big-time teams. Wentz could easily lead this team to the playoffs as a rookie.

This Bears team is not very good, but the Eagles have shown us something these last two weeks. They just may be for real.

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