DPD Bettor’s Guide: Week 11 “Back to Mediocrity” edition

Taking a look at the smart bets to make before this Sunday’s slate of games in a Week 11 edition of the NFL Bettor’s Guide.


It took half the NFL season, but after going 4-0 last week and a sizzling 9-1 over the past two, my NFL Bettor’s Guide record has finally evened out at 21 wins, 21 losses.

Who would have thought ? But then, just two weeks ago who would have thought some other thing might have happened?

No, not the Cubs first World Series win since 1908. That other thing that some view as a sign the Apocalypse is near — like a Browns win.

Let’s keep it rolling with every underdog of a TD or more, starting with:

  • Browns + 9 vs. Steelers – No reason other than few teams don’t lose three straight OTS.
  • Ravens + 7 @ Cowboys – No reason other than few teams don’t win three straight OTS.
  • Bears + 7.5 @ Giants – No reason other than Eli is gonna’ throw three picks in some game.
  • Bucs + 7.5 @ KC – Bunch of reasons: Chiefs luckier than good, Bucs can score and Mike Evans realizes he should have voted and stood for anthem, instead of just the opposite. (BTW — I hope Evans’ former college teammate Johnny Football isn’t back “out there” as it’s called.)
  • Jags + 6.5 @ Detroit – Hope the not-quite-a-TD spread doesn’t bite me, but just when the Lions have you thinking they’re for real, you remember they’re only one of two old-school franchises to never reach a Super Bowl. Can you guess the other?
  • Niners +13.5 vs. Pats – This could be a blowout, but worth watching just to see who’s more diabolical — Chip Kelly or Mumbles Belichick.

Last week 4-0. Season record 21-21.

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