Doug Pederson admits the Twitter-bombs at Andy Reid’s play-calling should’ve been at him

I guess it’s time to stop blaming Andy Reid for the horrific waste of precious time during the Kansas City Chiefs’ bumbling comeback attempt against the New England Patriots last weekend.

New Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson admitted in his news conference Tuesday that he called the plays on that drive, causing the entire press room to shiver with excitement.

Pederson explained what happened, saying the Chiefs “didn’t want to give the ball back to Tom Brady,” per ESPN’s Phil Sheridan.

Except the Chiefs were going to onside kick after a score, anyway, right? Down by two scores at the end of the fourth quarter, that’s really the only reasonable course of action, one would think.

Another nugget of note during the news conference was Pederson’s expressed admiration for quarterback Sam Bradford.

Perhaps these aren’t the things Eagles fans want to hear right now. Bradford was mostly mediocre, but did have his bright spots. But at this point he’s rightly developed the reputation as a player who just won’t ever stay healthy.

The scariest thing for fans, though, has to be the revelation that Pederson comes from the Andy Reid school of time management, which is a mortifying thought.

Some good news, at least, came out of the news conference. Pederson announced that he has hired Jim Schwartz to come on board as the team’s defensive coordinator, which should be a huge boon to the team’s overall performance.

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