Doug Martin Suspended Due to Failed Drug Test

Doug Martin’s inactivity is due to substance abuse after all.

We all wondered what was going on when Tampa Bay Buccaneers RB Doug Martin was inactive last week. He’s had a tough year, battling through injuries but the team is better with him. And he was inactive with a playoff spot on the line for the Buccaneers.

Then speculation ran rampant that he fell out of favor with the Buccaneers. At the center of it was the Bucs trying to keep him healthy to avoid a $7 million injury guarantee.  But the truth of it all has finally come out Wednesday.

But even then, the information was preceded by Martin leaving the team with a “personal issue.” It is a personal issue but nothing like the drama the media speculated on. He has simply checked himself into rehab and has begun his suspension for substance abuse.

Martin said per NBC, “On the field, I must be strong and determined to push through both pain and injuries to become an elite NFL running back,” Martin said. “Off the field, I have tried that same approach in my personal life. My shortcomings in this area have taught me both that I cannot win these personal battles alone and that there is no shame in asking for help.”

So Martin is suspended for the season finale and the first three games of the 2017 season.

We’ll see by then if he has fallen out of favor!

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