Dorial Green-Beckham: Well, it was fun while it lasted

The legacy of Dorial Green-Beckham will forever be one of a physical freak who never lived up to his potential.

It appeared, when the Philadelphia Eagles acquired Dorial Green-Beckham from the Tennessee Titans in a trade, it was a low-risk move that could end up being a big payoff. The Eagles were in dire need of a serious receiving threat. There was a chance of Green-Beckham proving that he was, indeed, worthy of being the 40th overall pick in the draft.

The dilemma:

The Eagles, at the time, appeared to have some talent at the receiver position. They seemed to be decent along the offensive line. Things weren’t so bad. After all, they acquired Green-Beckham, and all they gave up for him was offensive lineman Dennis Kelly. When February 16th arrives, six full months will have passed, and not much will have changed.

Actually, that isn’t totally true. They’re still decent along the offensive line, but things have actually gotten worse at receiver. This group is worse than they’ve been in a long time and, possibly, as bad as they’ve ever been.

With that being said, we march through 2017 with the same questions we had going into the 2016 season. The team is still in need of finding legitimate help for quarterback Carson Wentz on the offensive side of the ball, and there are many of the same defensive questions as well. Then, there’s another issue. There’s no money to spend.

The money issue:

The team’s salary, at the current moment, is $169 million. In other words, they only have about seven million that they’re capable of spending. It’s safe to say some very familiar faces will be going away soon. Based on what we’ve seen from Green-Beckham, one the faces that isn’t all that familiar probably needs to be given his walking papers as well.

What does all of this mean?

His departure doesn’t do much salary-wise, but it will help. He represents just under one million dollars. His addition was worth a shot, but, as it turns out, it will probably be best remembered as a shot in the dark. His brief stint in Philadelphia was identical to his short run in Tennessee. He was talented, highly-touted and, unfortunately, disappointing. His career totals are as follows: 31 games played, 68 receptions on 140 total targets and six touchdowns. Once he’s released, two NFL franchises would have given up on him in two years.

That will probably end his career. It’s unfortunate, but that’s the life of a professional athlete.

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