Donovan’s 32: McNabb’s Week 7 rankings and thoughts for every NFL team


1. DENVER: Still the class of the NFL. Now, let’s see if Peyton can break the all-time touchdown record this week in prime time.

2. INDIANAPOLIS: Andrew Luck leads the league in multiple categories, but it’s his play in the clutch that sets him apart.

3. SAN DIEGO: Hottest team in football almost gave one away in Oakland. Credit Philip Rivers with getting it together down the stretch.

4. SEATTLE: Minor hiccup vs. Dallas. Russell Wilson needs to be willing to take some chances downfield.

5. BALTIMORE: Joe Flacco’s five first-half TD passes is just what the doctor ordered.

6. CINCINNATI: Mohamed Sanu is stepping up with A.J. Green on the shelf.

7. CAROLINA: Showed some great signs on offense, and the defense is still strong. This team might be hitting their stride.


8. PHILADELPHIA: Just when LeSean McCoy gets going, they lose Darren Sproles to injury.

9. ARIZONA: Carson Palmer is back under center, and that’s a good thing.

10. NEW ENGLAND: Devastating injuries to Mayo and Ridley, but with Brady at QB they always have a chance.

11. CLEVELAND: Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Brian Hoyer.

12. GREEN BAY: Gotta love Aaron Rodgers in crunch time, and he can thank his defense for giving him a shot.

13. DALLAS: Are the Cowboys back to being America’s Team?

14. SAN FRANCISCO: Winning big on MNF should quiet the critics for at least a week.

15. KANSAS CITY: They had a bye week, which is a good thing when your next stop is San Diego.

16. DETROIT: One of the scariest defenses in football.  

17. CHICAGO: When Jay Cutler protects the ball, the Bears win. It’s that simple.

18. HOUSTON: J.J. Watt proved against Indy that he can single-handedly keep them in any game, but they need to take more chances on offense.

19. MIAMI: Played tough vs. the Packers, but the offense needed to keep the ball away from Aaron Rodgers down the stretch and they couldn’t.

20. ATLANTA: Awful performance at home against the Bears. Lots of injuries on the offensive line.

21. BUFFALO: Played strong against the Pats, which might be the best they can expect with Kyle Orton at QB.

22. ST. LOUIS: Austin Davis continues to put up great numbers, but can they win a game against someone other than the Bucs?

23. NEW YORK GIANTS: Not a coincidence that Victor Cruz gets hurt and suddenly we’re back to bad Eli.

24. NEW ORLEANS: This week’s matchup with Detroit could be rough for the Saints’ struggling offense.

25. WASHINGTON: Have we seen the best of Kirk Cousins?

26. OAKLAND: Derek Carr may be a star in the making.

27. MINNESOTA: Too much bad news. Coach Zimmer calling out their lack of effort is a very bad sign.

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28. PITTSBURGH: Is the problem the offense or the defense? Or is it both? Feels like a team without an identity.

29. NEW YORK JETS: Contrary to popular opinion, it’s not all Geno’s fault. This team needs more talent.

30. TENNESEE: Officially a rebuilding year.

31. TAMPA BAY: Is this team quitting on Lovie Smith already?

32. JACKSONVILLE: It can only get better.