Bill Belichick repeatedly shoots down questions about Trump letter with one word


Bill Belichick was pulled into the political spotlight on Monday when Donald Trump, now president-elect, read a letter the Patriots head coach wrote to him. Belichick confirmed on Tuesday that he did indeed write the letter, and he expanded on the situation a bit during Wednesday’s press conference.

Well, at least he started to before going into full Bill Belichick mode. To start, he said his letter was simply personal and not politically driven, saying his friendship with Trump “goes back many years.”

He also noted that he writes hundreds of letters a month, which is impressive in its own right – especially for a guy so incredibly focused on winning football games.

The real entertainment began when he was asked a follow-up question about the letter, to which he responded with one word: “Seattle.” He said it several times, cutting off the reporter repeatedly as he attempted to get his question out — an obvious reference to his infamous “on to Cincinnati” press conference two years ago.

Needless to say, he’s not concerned about the impact his letter to Trump will have on the locker room, which isn’t exactly a surprise. He's already on to the Seattle Seahawks, this weekend's opponent, and one of the biggest games of the NFL season so far.