Dolphins fan boo Colin Kaepernick (Video)

Miami Dolphins fans didn’t care for San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s decision to wear a Fidel Castro shirt, so they booed him.

This past week marked the death of much maligned Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. His death on Friday sparked celebrations across Cuba and the Cuban-American population. But that doesn’t mean everyone stayed out of their own way. Ultra-political quarterback Colin Kaepernick caused a stir when he was seen wearing a Castro shirt ahead of his team playing in Miami.

You can see how this wouldn’t sit well with the large Cuban-American community in Miami, many of whom are Dolphins fans. Before kickoff off on Sunday, almost all of Hard Rock Stadium booed Kaepernick mercilessly for obvious reasons.

Kaepernick, to his mental credit, answered the boos with a first-play read option play that torched the Miami defense.

Coincidentally, Castro passed away on the most capitalistic day of the year in the United States, known nationally as Black Friday. But Sunday wasn’t just about the death of Castro, it was about the reaction to it.

Kaepernick made headlines in the preseason, kneeling before the national anthem in protest of the way things were in the country. The uproar generated conversation on every Aunt’s Facebook page, and gave us a warm up to what Thanksgiving would be like this year. He also generated controversy when he revealed he didn’t vote, which seemed to go against his initial  protest about wanting to make things better. He rounded things out with the now infamous Castro incident this week.

It’s a free country though, and Kaepernick is free to protest how he sees fit; it’s his right as an American. Similarly, Dolphins fans have every right to be offended by Kaepernick’s decision to express his First Amendment right.

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