Do the Jets even have any chance against Patriots?

The New York Jets would need a miracle and well, look like a completely different team if they plan to beat the New England Patriots. Sorry Jets Nation, it’s just not happening today.

The New York Jets have had a very rough season so far, and it won’t get any easier this Sunday as the Patriots will come to town. Is there any reason to have faith that the Jets can pull a huge upset?

As we all know the Jets and Patriots do not like each other, they are rivals. No matter what the records are, no matter when the game is being played, both teams badly want to come away with a win. Quarterback Tom Brady has even publicly said in the past that he hates the Jets. Just like in any other sports rivalry, both teams want to win more badly than usual, who knows what the Jets could do with that determination.

The Patriots were without arguably their best player Rob Gronkowski last Sunday against the 49ers, and there’s a chance they might rest him another week. Although they played, Martellus Bennett and Julian Edelman were also banged up heading into last Sunday’s action.

If Gronkowski is unable to play this Sunday, it would be huge for the Jets as the numbers show Brady is significantly worse when Gronk isn’t on the field. History also says that this game should be close.

In 2014 when the Jets had a terrible season and the Patriots were dominating (basically what’s happened so far this season) the Jets still managed to play the Patriots tightly twice, they even beat them last year. The Patriots haven’t beaten the Jets by more than seven points since 2012.

By no means am I expecting a Jets win today, Brady is listed as questionable but I’m sure he will play. I think it could be a close game because of the rivalry impact but we all know that the Patriots are significantly better than the Jets, but you never know. After all, they play the game for a reason.

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