Dez Bryant’s catch or not all depends on your perspective

It’s called the Rashomon effect — people see the same event but come away with vastly different observations. And so it is with Dez Bryant’s catch/non-catch in Sunday’s Cowboys-Packers playoff game.

Whether you thought he made a spectacular grab that should have been ruled a reception or whether you agreed with the officials’ reversal on replay could depend a lot on your perspective.

FOX Sports’ officiating maven, Mike Pereira, said it was the right call.

Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr., who knows a thing or two about spectacular catches, had an opposing view.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, well, you could figure where he stood.

Jones’ buddy and luxury box companion, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, didn’t need any words to elaborate on his reaction.

But Christie’s new Twitter sparring partner, U.S. Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, liked the call.

Bryant himself, of course, weighed in — with a suggestion for the NFL’s Competition Committee.

Then he pleaded his case in greater detail to FOX Sports Southwest’s Mike Fisher. 

And then there are those whose viewpoints were a bit more influenced by schadenfreude.

Though one Lion was on Bryant’s side.

As for the rest of the football world . . . looks like it’s Bryant by majority decision.