Dez Bryant gets punched during Cowboys-Rams brawl, still manages to find diamond earring

Wide receiver Dez Bryant (88), middle, runs over from the other practice field to jump in the fight during the joint Cowboys and Rams practice.
Max Faulkner/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/TNS via Getty Images

By Jasmine Watkins

These NFL joint practices are getting a bit out of hand. 

During the Rams-Cowboys practice, there was some talking back and forth and it ultimately led to a huge fight. Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant seemed to get caught in the middle of it, taking a shot from Rams fullback Zach Laskey.

That was a pretty hard punch, so hard in fact, Bryant lost his diamond earring. He even tweeted, and later deleted, about the altercation afterward.

And if you're worrying about a millionaire's diamond earring (which is an odd thing to do), it was found and promptly returned by a member of the security team. Bryant mentioned he owed the guy one. Pretty sure it won't be a diamond earring though.

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