Lions’ backup QB describes new OC Jim Bob Cooter as a pessimist

Lions QB Dan Orlovsky says Jim Bob Cooter is a tough man to impress.
Kevin Hoffman/Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Lions have fired offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi and replaced him with quarterbacks coach Jim Bob Cooter, who will takeover the play-calling and try to get the 1-6 team back on track for the remainder of the season.

Expecting an immediate turnaround might be wishful thinking, though, and that doesn’t seem to be Cooter’s style. At least that’s how Lions backup quarterback Dan Orlovsky described him last year, per Carlos Monarez of the Detroit Free Press.

"The running joke is, he’s just miserable," Orlovsky said. "… More often than not, there’s some glass-half-empty thought process or skepticism or negativity, but in a humorous way."

Orlovsky makes Cooter sound like a pessimist, but not in a totally bad way. Former Lions quarterback Kellen Moore described the 31-year-old coach in a similar way.

"We can throw a touchdown and the comment is, ‘Ball security,’" Moore said when he was with the team, via the Free Press. "It’s not, ‘Great throw!’"

This style of coaching could motivate the Lions to make it hard for Cooter to find things to be negative about. However, there’s so much material at the moment that the pessimistic approach described by Orlovsky and Moore might just get under the skin of an already frustrated Lions squad.

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