Lions’ Slay wants to model aspect of his game after Madden

Lions cornerback Darius Slay wants to become more of a "hit stick" tackler.
Tim Fuller/Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Playing the Madden NFL video game series isn’t the best way to learn the fundamentals of football — especially when it comes to form tackling — but don’t tell Detroit Lions cornerback Darius Slay that.

Slay said he wants to become more of a "hit stick" tackler, referencing a fan-favorite move that results in a big hit when the gamer perfectly times a flick of the right thumbstick.

Via ESPN’s Michael Rothstein:

Just get more technique-sounded. Better recognizing more stuff. Everything I think I’m good in. I’m going to try and excel and I just think I need to be a more aggressive tackler.

I want to be more of a 'hit stick' guy, like when I push the analog button [in Madden]. Like more of a 'hit stick' guy.

Slay isn’t the biggest defensive back at 6-foot-1 and 190 pounds, so it’s tough to imagine him blowing up pass-catchers and ball-carriers with big hits. However, after two stellar seasons as a full-time starter, he must be starving for a larger share of the national spotlight.

The only reason why Slay hasn’t garnered more attention is because of his low interception total. Although he has successfully defended 30 passes over the past two seasons, only four of them have been intercepted. As a result, his exceptional efforts often go unnoticed.

Slay must recognize "hit stick" tackling as another way to make highlight-reel plays.

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