Garafolo: Lions catch Laser Pointer Bandit, ban fan from all games

The fan behind the Great Laser Pointer Caper appears to have been caught, though the NFL and Detroit Lions have yet to confirm whether it’s the guy who implicated himself.

To refresh:

During last Sunday’s 17-14 win in Detroit, the Buffalo Bills filed a complaint with NFL security alleging someone shined a laser pointer from the stands at Buffalo players. Bills head coach Doug Marrone said quarterback Kyle Orton and holder Colton Schmidt informed him during the game they both had lasers shined at them.

Kicker Dan Carpenter said the laser made an appearance during a 50-yard missed field goal in the third quarter, which can be seen shining on the holder’s thigh in this video at about the 3-second mark:

The Bills then followed league protocol by informing NFL security staff. Marrone said the issue was eventually resolved before the game ended.

On Monday, the same day that the Lions confirmed they were investigating the incident, a person identified himself on Twitter as the person behind the incident (the tweet and Twitter account have since been removed), though multiple outlets caught a shot of the tweet before it disappeared:

Source: Twitter/@MarkoBeslach &

And on Wednesday, FOX Sports NFL Insider Mike Garafolo reported the Lions did indeed identify the person behind the laser pointing, and handed down swift punishment.

While there is no official word on the person the Lions identified, Twitter has certainly had its say:

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