Detroit Lions: 2017 Schedule Released

The Detroit Lions have officially released their 2017 NFL schedule. With several playoff team matchups, the Lions don’t show concern for their season.

The Detroit Lions 2017 season is showing promising outcomes. Although the Lions flopped when it came time for the playoffs, their 9-7 regular season performance showed the team is capable of being a Super Bowl contender in years to come.

The Lions played six playoff teams last year; they lost them all! This season the Lions take on the AFC North and NFC South along with a couple other teams including the New York Giants. The Pittsburg Steelers, Green Bay Packers and Giants are only a few of their matchups who appeared in last season’s playoffs. They are even taking on the New England Patriots during preseason.

Although this doesn’t look ideal on paper, the Lions have everything they need to come out on top in 2017; or they will after the draft. With Bob Quinn entering only his second year as General Manager, he seems to have taken on the role full force.

Last year’s draft moves were some of the most productive actions taken by the Lions. Taylor Decker not only became a household name in Detroit, but he has risen to the top of the league in production and performance. Rookie Graham Glasgow even found himself a starting role for more than half of the season and in the playoffs.

Once the season was underway, Quinn could really analyze the team’s strengths and weaknesses. Not knowing what was going to happen with Calvin Johnson retiring, the Lions and Matthew Stafford showed no signs of struggling without their top receiver.

Quinn also made a ton of free agency power moves on the offense. Now, he can focus on the areas that need the most attention in the draft; the defense. If the Lions enhance their defense, there is no reason they can’t win the division next season. What will they have to go through to do so? Here’s a look at the 2017 Detroit Lions schedule:

This schedule won’t be a walk in the park, but it isn’t the most difficult in the league. With the Lions improved offense and the upcoming draft, I am confident the Lions will be a playoff contender again this year. Based on their schedule, free agency signings and current roster, the Lions could see a 10-6 season next year.

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