Desperation move by Jets to Bryce Petty a complete failure

The New York Jets went into Sunday’s Week 10 matchup with hopes of quarterback Bryce Petty bringing life into the team. Unfortunately, it was a desperation move that resulted in failure.

The New York Jets went into Sunday’s game with the Los Angeles Rams with a disappointing 3-6 record.  There are not enough fingers on our hands to point out all the problems the Jets have had in 2016. Most of the blame so far has headed towards the direction of quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Fitzpatrick, who was coming off of an excellent 2015 season that included 3,905 yards and a Jets team record 31 touchdown passes, has been disappointing in 2016. In his second season with the Jets, Fitzpatrick has only 8 touchdowns and 13 interceptions.  In the Week 9 loss to the Miami Dolphins, Fitzpatrick sustained a sprained MCL. This lead to the wish of many fans of the Jets being granted with quarterback Bryce Petty being named starting quarterback.

Petty was the starting quarterback for the University of Baylor for his junior and senior seasons.  In 2013 and 2014, Petty had accumulated 8,055 passing yards and threw 62 touchdown passes.   Petty ended up being drafted in the 4th round of the 2015 NFL Draft by the Jets.  Unfortunately for Petty, he has been handled just as poorly as previous young quarterbacks drafted by the Jets such as Mark Sanchez, Geno Smith, and even their 2016 second round draft pick Christian Hackenberg, who doesn’t even get dressed for games.

In his first start with the Jets, Petty completed 19 of his 32 pass attempts for 163 yards and threw a touchdown pass off of a hook and lateral gadget play.  But he soon found himself on the wrong end of a 9-6 thriller at MetLife Stadium.

In all honesty, Petty did the best he or any quarterback could have but was never even given an opportunity to show what he can do.  It was apparent Petty wasn’t going to be given a fair chance to succeed when offensive coordinator Chan Gailey called a 3rd and 9 draw play when the Jets were on their own 40 late in the 2nd quarter.

We all know it is easy to second guess the play calling, but that was a joke and inexcusable.  An 8-year-old playing the Madden 17 video game calls a better game on offense than Gailey.  Petty experienced the same problems Fitzpatrick has had thus far in 2016.  A poor offensive game plan, combined with dropped passes (20 which leads the NFL) and even the interception Petty did have was the result of Quincy Enunwa not even trying to fight the defender for the football.

The only thing that was proven by Petty’s start was that Fitzpatrick is pretty low on the list of people to blame for the awful 2016 season displayed by the Jets.  Now I don’t feel it was Petty’s fault and at this point I would like to see the kid get a legit chance.  Unfortunately the Jets set him up for failure and guess what?  The start was a failure.  They mustered a whopping 6 points, and looked as inept as they always do on offense.  It is time for fans to start looking past Fitzpatrick and at the real problems with the team.  When wide receivers don’t catch the football, the defense gets torched for big pass plays (though only gave up three field goals against the Rams), and coaches don’t put players in the best position to succeed, no quarterback will ever succeed.

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